Brent Reimers

How many years have you been at Color Art Printing?
16 short and glorious years!

How many years have you been doing what you do?
For over 16 years I have been doing various bindery related jobs and also deliveries

Other work background
Line cook, warehouse manager, electrical supply counter sales, utility inside sales, oil exploration, screen printing, house painting & commercial fishing.

What do you do at CAP?
After the pressman get done printing, we in the bindery department take the raw unfinished product and make it into something really beautiful. I then wrap it
up and deliver it to our awesome customers.

What do you like best about your job or what you do?
Well, besides having “most excellent” bosses, I do like having normal hours, also I get to do all sorts of different jobs and not having to be tied to a desk or standing in one place all day.

What school, college or trade school did you attend?
Contrarily to popular opinion, I completed all 12 grades… (13 if you include Kindergarten).

Personal background

Wife and 3 daughters, 12, 14 & 17 and a dog named ‘Keena”.

Where are you originally from?
Near Sandy Oregon, about an hours drive from Portland, we lived out in the country with many lakes, ponds, and creeks to play in. It was a fantastic place for a boy to grow up.

Fishing, hunting, camping, gardening, archery, politics, building prototypes of fantastic inventions or making something better. I also like listening to talk radio so I can get both sides of “fake news”.

What is your passion?
Raising hard-working, fun-loving, god-fearing kids.